Raya and the last dragon

What’s your definition of TRUST ? Well , the oxford dictionary would define trust as the confidence in or reliance on someone.

Raya a young lad trusted her father hope of kumandra coming together as one and trusting each other.

Raya took the first step of trusting a finag who decieved her and broke her trust

But suzu the last dragon had to teach Raya the true meaning of trust by telling her the story of her pasts.

Yeah ,I strongly believed TRUST is important and needed in the world we live in. It’s going to be hard ,yeah they will be countless betrayal ( just like how Raya was betrayed and lost hope in the people of kumandra ) .

A animated action adventure film produced by Walt Disney animation studios directed by don hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada . The screenplay was written by Qui Nyugen and Adele Lim based on Asian culture.

Film stars : Kelly Marie tran , Awakwafina izaac wing , Gemma Chan , Daniel DAE Kim , Benedict Wong , Sandra oh , Thalia tran , Lucille Soong ,Alan tudyk .

Raya and the last dragon was released march 5 ,2021.

Lone wolf

A movie presented by Levelk ,a interesting movie made up of pictures and videos with hidden cameras.

Footage and surveillance of people personal life.

A movie based on Joseph Conrade novel.

The secret agent

A movie directed by Jonathan oglive . Writer : Jonathan oglive . Cast : Tida cobhams , josh mc convile ,Chris bunton , Piana Glenn, Hugo weaving, Lawrence Mooney , tyler coppin

Lone wolf click here to watch trailer

Coming out soon September 24

My little pony : A New generation

My little pony: A New generation presented by Netflix.

Ponnies,pegasi, and unicorns all lived together in peace but something changed ??

When a happy _ go lucky unicorn roams into mareton ;an Earth pony “sunny” and her new friends set out on an adventure and mission to restore magic and friendship to all Equestria.

Staring: Vanessa Hudgens, kimiko glens ,ken jeong, James Marsden, Michael McKean, Jane krakoweski , Liza koshy ,Phil Lamar

Click to watch tailer: https://youtu.be/Pa_PRDVpjSk

Coming out soon on September 24,2021.

After 3 : Official Trailer (2021).

Staring : Josephine Langford as Tessa and Hero finenes Tiffin as Hardin.

Tessa makes the biggest decision of her life and everything change.

Coming out on 30th September,2021.

Watch trailerhttps://youtu.be/uYeVNT9EAHc


Wish dragon a animated fantasy comedy produced by Columbia pictures,Sony pictures, Base media , Sparkle role media ,Tecent media pictures, Base Fx ,Flagship Entertainment.

A movie which illustrates and shows the meaning of true and honest friendship .

Din and lina being best friends with beautiful childhood wonderful memories

Din taught the wish dragon the meaning of life ; that’s life is not all about the wealth, the gold , the money but life has more to offer .

Directed by Chris Appelhans. Written by Chris Appelhans . Produced by Aron warmer, Chris Bremble and Jackie Chan.

Staring : Jimmy wong , John cho , constance Wu , Natasha Lu bordizzo , Jimmy o.yang ,Aaron Yoo ,Will Yun Lee, Ronny chieng

Edited by Michael Andrews. Music by Philip klien

Distributed by Sony pictures (china) and Netflix (International).

Release date : Jan 15 ,2021(china ). June 11 2021(Netflix) .

Do you know : The ten most popular movies out now ?

Reminisce directed by Lisa joy

Out on August 20

FREE GUY : directed by Shawn Levy

SUICIDE SQURD : directed by James Gunn

The GREEN KNIGHT ; directed by David Lowery

THE NIGHT HOUSE directed by David Bruckner

SWEET GIRL : directed by Brian Andrew

BECKETT: directed by Ferdinando Cito filmarino

CODA: directed by slab heder

RESPECT: directed by liesi Tommy

PAW PATROL: directed by Cal bunker

Are you a movie lover??? , Bored at home

Are you a movie lover , bored at home ,here are some interesting and awesome movie to download.

Movie: Naked Singularity (2021)


Movie: Charming the Hearts of Men (2021)


Movie: Crime Story (2021)


Movie: Beckett (2021)


Movie: Collection (2021)


Enjoy this movies and stay safe

Amazing movie series

Hello ,all movie series lover , Here are some awesome series to enjoy






I promise you won’t regret it , you will enjoy every movie

Another awesome movie : in same breath

Nafun Wang an acclaimed film maker , which clarify the ruin toil from the universal misinformation in the earliest days of the world pandemic ; covid 19

” when the government is telling us where to look , the same government are telling us we are not to look ”

In the same breath an original documentary film by HBO


The director of the movie is a award winning _ one – child nation and I am another you .

In the same breath preaches unity to fight the world pandemic , it’s a absorbing film with big implications for the future .

To be released in August 18 on HBO and HBO max , August 12 in limited theaters

Respect : A movie with biographical drama

Directed by – liesi Tommy

Written by Tracey Scott willison

Respect as the name implies ,a movie who shows a lady who is trying to fight depression , emotional trauma had her first child at the age of 12 and abusive men exerted on her life

Jennifer Hudson is a outstanding actor ,other amazing casts are forest Whitaker , Marlon Wayans , Tituss Burgess , Hailey kilgove , Mac maron , Skye Dakota , saycon sengbloh , Tate Donovan and Mary j Blige

Jennifer Hudson started music in her father’s church choir , trying to find her voice


Executives producer – Stacy sher , sue Baden – Powell, Aaron l.gibert, and Jason cloth

Coming out!! Released on the 13th of August ,2021

One of the most exciting movies in August 2021 _ free guy

Movie produced by Ryan Reynolds , Shawn Levy , Greg berlanti ,Sarah schecter and Adams kolbrenner

Executives producer by Mary mclanglen ,josh mclanglen , George Dewey ,Dan Levine and Michael Riley , mc grath

Amazing casts are Ryan Reynolds as guy , Jodie comer , lil kel howey , joe keery ulkarsh, anbudkar , talka waititi.

Written by matt liberman

Have you ever thought about this world was just a video game ? If yes then you will know what guy felt like when he discovered he is actually a a player in a open – world game and his own world was a lie .

Guy found out he his in a world where there’s is no limits , just freedom ,he decided to make a difference , he is determined to be a person who would save his own world ( hero) in his own way .

Guess what?? He is also in love

With who ??

Coming out !!! Released date : August 13th ,2021

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